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Everyone deserves the good life, and we at GLOBAL INNOVATIONS have taken it upon ourselves to make that happen and offer our customers just that... THE GOOD LIFE! We have made it our corporate mission to ensure the provision of high quality services for the pleasure, comfort, safety and health of our customers. Our present day environment has seen the adverse effects of the past industrial revolution as well as the positive effects. The adverse ones are remembered more and tend to leave a grim picture of the size of the carbon foot-print that it left. But nature has the amazing ability to repair and heal itself; only if we reduce the amount that we keep dumping in the world and its seas.

We have heeded the call from numerous advocates for the environment and have brought it closer to our heart and have sought to protect it and help it recover through:

-  Prevent air loss from all rubber tyres of all makes and sizes, saving life, time and money... Read more

-  Reduction of the number of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs that you throw away... Read more

-  Stopping the throwing away of water during the repair of swimming pools, ponds... Become a Retailer

-  Elimination of water wasted during the washing of vehicles... Read more

-  Elimination of bad odours caused by organic substances in cars, buses, ambulances, schools, hospitals, mortuaries, abattoirs, homes, hotels and even aeroplanes... The amazing odour neutralizer!

-  Encouraging the young innovators out there to develop their brilliant ideas and profit from them. Click here for more information.

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